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Our Neighbourhood Plan - Shaping Chailey


The Chailey Neighbourhood Plan will form a published document, prepared 
by the community, which sets out the vision for the parish in its future

To manage this process, the Parish Council has set up a Steering Group to manage and organise the creation of the Plan.  An explanation of the Neighbourhood Plan by the Chair of the Steering Group may be found here, and a detailed presentation may be viewed here.

The creation of a Neighbourhood Plan allows the community to have an active say over the development of their parish and will reflect local needs and opinion over elements such as future housing, social and leisure facilities and transport. The policies set out within the Neighbourhood Plan will then be taken into consideration by the Planning Authority when determining the outcome of any planning applications in the parish. The Neighbourhood Plan will be written by members of the community on behalf of the village. In order to do this, the Committee wants to hear the views of as many people in the village as possible.

To this end, the Neighbourhood Plan Committee sent out a Questionnaire to everyone in the Parish with Chailey News.  Although the results of the Survey are now available here, it is still not too late to give your views.

You can find another copy of the Survey Questionnaire here, but please note that the address of the Parish Office has now changed.  See the contact details here.

Based on the responses to the Questionnaire, the Steering Group has drafted a "Vision for Chailey" which also appears on the home page of this website.

This Survey marks the first stage of writing the Neighbourhood Plan. Subsequently, we followed up the survey by writing to all local businesses for further input from this source.  A copy of the letter may be found here.  

In the end, our logo "Shaping Chailey" says it all – the Plan will define how we residents want our village to look in 2030 and will shape the pathway to that end. The Plan must reflect residents’ wishes, views, and ideas – it is not for Parish Councillors to write and decide: it is for you to make your voice and preferences heard. And for you to participate in the discussion which will follow! If you have not already done so, please complete and return the Questionnaire NOW!

To send a message to the Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Jack Cranfield, please use the contact form below:



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