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Rowheath Recreation Ground

Games on Rowheath

Games on Rowheath


Located on the south side of Cinder Hill, about 300 metres from the A-275, the Recreation Ground provides a football pitch and a basketball net for use by the village.

This is also the location of our Platinum Jubilee Playground area for younger Parishioners - see below.

Games on Rowheath

Games on Rowheath

The play equipment is for the enjoyment of the children and youth of Chailey.  To this end, the Parish Council has provided apparatus of the highest quality which meets all required safety standards.  Funds to enable this worthwhile project to be completed were taken from the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Inclusive playground design is increasingly becoming standard practice. Since the Equality Act was passed in 2010, accessibility for all has greatly improved in new playgrounds. Limited mobility or sensory processing issues should not deny a child the joy and benefits a playground can offer. Inclusive playground design enables such a child to participate in the same activities as everyone else and thus enables the whole family to be part of their local community. That is why the Parish Council has included the Team Timber Swing which has the inclusive design mark and is designed for children of all abilities.

Please do not abuse the equipment and do ensure that any rubbish is placed in the bins provided or taken home. Please respect neighbouring properties and park in the designated parking area behind the basket-ball loop.  Please do not park in Cinder Hill.

Chailey Parish Council hope you will enjoy this facility.

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